Together for people and nature

Nadace Partnerství

We are the largest Czech environmental foundation. We offer grants, educate in the Open Gardens and help reduce the impacts of climate change.

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Our work

Adaptation measures

We prepare the Czech landscape and cities to be healthy.

We look for smart and fresh solutions to the drought and the climate crisis. We plant and care for trees and award the best climate ideas.

Planting for the Future

We are planting 10 million trees to support the resilience of cities and healthy landscapes.

Open wine cellar festival

We present Moravian winemakers and their wines directly in the cellars.


We connect cyclists across Europe.

LIFE Tree Check

So the city does not burn!

Cyclist are welcome

We help to build the perfect background for cyclists and their bikes.

Bike to work

We help the locals from Brno to put their car away for a month.

I run for trees

We support RunCzech athletes in running for a good cause.

European Tree of the Year

We connect European communities around tree stories.

Zelená střecha výrobní haly firmy Železný. Foto: Vojta Herout

Adapterra Awards

We search for the best ideas that help us manage the impacts of climate change.

Open Gardens

The Open Gardens in the center of Brno is our show off.

They combine relaxation, education and entertainment. We have created an oasis of peace with a bit of nature in a neglected place. We live our mission here every day: with respect for nature and open with people as well. Come to try or rent a piece of our Open Gardens.

Rentals in the Open Gardens

We provide unique spaces in the middle of a green oasis.

For visitors

We create an oasis of peace with a bit of nature in the city centre.


Our vision

We see the world as an open society of free people caring for the environment.

We have been creating partnerships for nature for 30 years. We financially support communities and individuals, we educate and help people to take over responsibility and care for the environment.

Our history

Since 1991

We have come a long way since the humble beginnings of two people.

We opened the first zero carbon administrative complex in the CR. We have started the development of sustainable tourism in South Moravia and financially supported thousands of specific projects.


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